International Students

World Revival School of Ministry welcomes students from around the world. We are governmentally approved as a vocational school for students with an M-1 Student Visa.

The following documents must be on file in the Admissions Office with the PDSO/DSO in order to begin the application process.

  • World Revival School of Ministry International Student Application
  • Application Fee: $50 U.S. Money Order in U.S. dollars payable to World Revival School of Ministry. The application fee is a one-time, non-refundable fee.
  • Financial Guarantee Form* or acceptable substitute (i.e. Bank’s Certification).
  • Results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language with a minimum score of 500 (TOEFL) sent directly to World Revival School of Ministry; or other information gathered that shows proof of the required English proficiency (i.e. previous coursework, recommendation from a professor of English, a handwritten composition explaining why you have chosen to attend World Revival School of Ministry, etc.)
  • Official transcripts of academic records together with an English translation certified by the educational institution in which you were enrolled or by a notary public (unless the records are originally in English), and a transcript of courses in progress if currently enrolled at a higher educational institution.


If you are presently an International F-1 or M-1 Student enrolled at another school in the U.S., the following documents are also required:

  • A copy of your Passport page which contains photograph
  • A copy of your Visa
  • A copy of Form I-94 (front and back)
  • A copy of Form I-20 (front and back)
  • A Transfer Eligibility Verification form completed by your present school.


*A note to all prospective foreign students: The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) regulations require documentation that sufficient financial resources are available to meet a student’s prospective educational and living expenses while in the U.S. Therefore, World Revival School of Ministry requires a guarantee of financial resources from each applicant who expects to obtain or maintain Student (M-1) status. Applicants are required to submit financial documentation that equal or exceed one full year of expenses. Adjustments in the financial certification cannot be adjusted based on a student’s individual circumstances. This estimate is based upon 9-12 credit hours per quarter. A Certificate of Eligibility (I-20) will not be issued until this information is provided.

Please contact our World Revival School of Ministry’s office to obtain an International Student Application and Financial Guarantee Form.

Download Your Application Packet