• Steve Gray

    Pastor Steve Gray


    Steve Gray is a leading voice in revival worldwide. As an author, pastor, and screenwriter/producer, Steve's messages and ministry are helping people around the world encounter God in new and powerful ways. Pastor Steve Gray has a B.M.E. degree from Central Missouri State University, an honorary doctorate of Theology from Cornerstone of Faith Christian College and Theological Seminary, and over 30 years of full-time ministry experience.

    Pastor Steve Gray translates his 30+ years of ministry experience and life-changing messages into powerful lessons for the students of World Revival School of Ministry. The results are fully equipped, anointed, fearless, and powerful ministers for God.
  • Kathy Gray

    Pastor Kathy Gray

    Pastor Kathy Gray, a major female voice of revival to this generation is well-known for her life of faith, fire and freedom, and her powerful Spirit-filled ministry. Students will be enriched by Kathy’s ability to teach practical ministry principles that are essential foundations for every successful Christian. Plus, they will receive an impartation of faith and freedom that will equip them to become powerful believers. She has over 31 years experience in the ministry and is an accomplished speaker and author. Pastor Kathy Gray has a B.S. degree in Education from Central Missouri State University.
  • Aaron Lage

    Aaron Lage

    School Administrator

    Pastor Aaron Lage has been teaching at World Revival School of Ministry for several years and serves as the School Administrator. A graduate of WRSM himself, Aaron is well prepared to handle administration, recruitment and other student needs throughout the school year. With a vision for growth and a desire to see revival spread around the world, he brings a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious. 
  • Anita Reed

    Anita Reed

    Administrative Assistant

    Anita Reed serves as the administrative assistant for WRSM. Coupled with a passion for seeing students learn and grow, Anita has unique administrative gifts that help keep them focused and organized. She enjoys connecting with new students and making them feel welcome.

  • Heather Eschenbaum

    Heather Eschenbaum

    Intense intercession and warfare principles come to life through Heather Eschenbaum’s years of experience in the powerful House of Hope and Healing ministry. Mrs. Eschenbaum holds an Associate of Arts degree and received an honorary degree from World Revival School of Ministry. She has also attended Central Missouri State University. Heather has been the director of the House of Hope and Healing since 2002.
  • J. D. King

    Pastor JD King

    You will enjoy listening to J.D. King, as he makes revival history come alive! He will challenge you to walk in the footsteps of the early pioneers of our faith. As you begin to establish roots, he will also guide you in establishing doctrinal truth through the Word of God. It is in J.D.’s heart to guide you into effective 21st-century ministry. He is the National/International Director of the World Revival Network. He has been active in the ministry since the age of 17 and is an accomplished Bible teacher as well as recognized authority on the subject of American Revival History.
  • James Koppang

    Pastor James Koppang

    Passionate and powerful youth should be the norm. Pastor James Koppang brings his youth ministry experience to the classroom to ensure this happens. Pastor James Koppang is a graduate of WRSM and holds a Bachelors degree in Ministerial Studies.
  • Mark Pederson

    Pastor Mark Pederson

    Twenty years of pastoral experience can teach you a lot, providing you learn from your lessons. The things that have been birthed and built into his life such as character and compassion, along with a passion for His presence and His power being poured out, will make for a powerful educational experience. Pastor Mark Pederson holds a B.A. in Theology from Seattle Bible College, Seattle, Washington.
  • Eric Thomason

    Pastor Eric Thomason

    If you love worship, you’ll like what Eric Thomason brings to the table as our WRC Worship Pastor. Eric was a key part of the early days of WRC (the Smithton Outpouring), leading worship for the revival that drew over a quarter million visitors from all over the world. As a recording artist, he’s known for his album The Smithton Outpouring – Revival in the Heartland recorded by Integrity Music, and for his song Prepare the Way, the title track for the Time/Life Songs for Worship, Volume 17. One of Pastor Eric’s passions is to train up new and excited future worship leaders to find their calling and destiny.
  • Jack Walter

    Pastor Jack Walter

    Jack Walter’s goal is to help people become all that God created them to be. As Connections Pastor, he will help you get placed into the church body with your gifting, talent, and skills to be more of a part of what is happening here. With Jack’s background in business, ministry and education, he is able to help you with life’s issues that will help you be an overcomer.